Bill Bellamy at WBLK [VIDEO]
Bill Bellamy, Comedian, Actor and former MTV Host stopped by the 93.7 WBLK to talk about his comedy show tonight at the TRALF music hall. Bill also discussed the 90's as being a magical era, Hip Hop vs R&B and How To Be A Player in 2012.
MTV’s 2011 Top 25 Hottest MC Nominees [VIDEO]
Get ready for the annual discussion on the Top 5 MC's in Hip Hop. The top 10 will be revealed on February 19th at 10:30p on MTV of course, but MTV released the top 25 today. The list will be wittled down to 10 next week. This list is truly a reflection on Hip Hop...
New Music From Dawn Richard!! [VIDEO]
Former Danity Kane group member Dawn Richard is making her way BACK to the scene. Her music has always been deep and meaningful but I think she may really have something with her new single "Save Me From You."
The Family Hustle
T.I and his wife Tiny are unlocking the doors to their home and letting us in again. “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle is premiering Monday, December 5th at 9PM on VH1. Fans, get an in-depth look into the life of rapper T.I. as a father, husband, musician and businessman.  ...
Beyonce ‘Countdown’ Premiered on MTV [VIDEO]
Beyonce premiered the new video for her single countdown on MTV last night. (Who knew MTV still showed Videos) Anyway I guess this video will end all debate about her lying about being pregnant. She looks very pregnant in the video and really doesnt do to much dancing...

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