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Donald Trump Post Election Tweets [#BIGDUMMYFILES]
Tuesday night shortly before midnight, Barack Obama won the presidential bid for another four years and will remain in the White House. Obama won the electoral vote and the popular vote by a narrow margin. Obama won 303 of the electoral vote, and Mitt Romney won 206 of the electoral vote...
There won't be a 45th President until 2017...GUARANTEED!  President Barack Obama has been Re-Elected the 44TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA!
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Problems With Voting?
If you ANY problems voting today, here are some helpful sources of information regarding who you can call or contact to help:

The Erie County Board Of Elections:

Report Voting Problems:

Who Gets Your Vote?
Supposedly voting is a "CONFIDENTIAL" process such that some people flatly refuse to say who they're voting for...and I don't get it.  It's not necessary for me TO get it...everyone has a right to their own reasoning and opinion...and my opinion is...
Preview Of Tonight’s Sports & Politics [VIDEO]
After the last Presidential debate turned out to be more like a Heavy weight boxing match, the Challenger Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are now taking on Monday night Football and the ever-important seventh game of the National League Championship Series. Which high level sporting even…
Obama Debate Tips [TWEETS]
With the second presidential debate coming on TV tonight (October 16), a lot of people have some tips for President Obama (like they ever ran for president). Here are my top favorite tips for the president tonight.

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