Michael Vick

Vick, Eagles Agree on 6-Year $100 Million Contract
Congrats to Eagles QB Michael Vick.  The Eagles and Vick have agreed on a new six year deal worth $100 million.  The new deal gives Vick $40 million guaranteed. It makes Vick one of the highest players in the game. He joined the Eagles in 2009.
ESPN Envisions a White Michael Vick [PICTURE]
ESPN The Magazine has dedicated its entire football preview issue to controversial QB Michael Vick, including a feature which poses the question, “What if Michael Vick were white?”
It’s complicated, concludes the thought piece’s&nb…
Eagles QB Michael Vick Is Back With Nike [VIDEO]
Congrats to Philadelphia Eagle's QB Michael Vick who has been resigned by Nike.  It’s good news for the Eagles quarterback who lost his major endorsement deals after serving nearly two years behind bars following his involvement  in a dogfighting racket.