Man Runs Over Own Head & Oprah Rolls Over Woman’s Toe! [VIDEO]
In the last few days there have been a couple freak car accidents in which body parts have been rolled over by the heavy vehicles yet the victims survive! In California a man ran over his own head and in Florida Oprah jumps into action after her driver crushed a woman's toe.
Two Cars Fighting Over Gas Pump Causes Explosion [VIDEO]
Today's lesson class is a lesson of patience. In this video two SUVS are waiting to pump gas at the pump, one person (Grey SUV) gets in front of the other (Yellow Hummer) and causes an EPIC FAIL (Explosion). You can see the two women run out of the car for their lives, after the explosion...
Sexy Baseball Cheerleaders?
Are Sexy Cheerleaders a boost for Major League Baseball or a big distraction?  The New Miami Marlins definitely have some balls!!!  They have "The Marlins Mermaids" they drown the game of baseball?!  Many are thrilled, some upset. What do you think?