miami zombie attack

Zombie Victim Recovery Pics [VIDEO]
The Nation was horrified by the images of Rudy Eugene eating the face off Ron Poppo last Month. Ever since, Florida doctors have been working to "close the holes" in the victim's face after a zombie like flesh eating attack. Video and photo of his recovering inside!
Zombie Attack Survival Kit
First we heard about the naked man face-eating frenzy. Then, a few days ago, a dude kills his roommate and literally eats his heart out.  People in 25 countries are debating whether to blame bath salts, PCP or the anti-Christ.  Surprisingly, our very own got the most votes for "He is a Zombie!&…
Is This The Cause Of Local Shootings? [VIDEO] [POLL]
So there was the Miami man who chewed off the face of a homeless man a couple of days ago. If you did not hear about it you can read about it right here on
Well now we have a man in New Jersey that cut out his intestines and threw them at cops when they arrived to his home. He repeatedly wa…