The BEST McDonald's Marketing Video McDonalds has NEVER SEEN!!!!  They should use this...and the young people in the video should be given their $8.00 (plus change) back, AND about $8,000.00 on top of it...along with Mickey D's for LIFE...
Join WBLK at McDonalds This Thursday!
Join the Peoples Station 93.7 this Thursday (August 25th) from 10am – 12 Noon, 1028 McKinley Parkway.

Stop by and enjoy a small mango pine-apple real fruit smoothie for only 25 cents!
Starbucks Making A Move!
America's fast food tastes are changing with every passing year. For years topping Technomic’s listing of America’s top 500 restaurant chains the big three have been McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s.
Woman Runs Over Job Seekers at McDonald’s [VIDEO]
You should either be very upset with this story or glad you weren't there. Two days ago McDonald’s hosted a national hiring day where people come and apply for a job at McDonald's. The goal was to hire 50,000 people nationally in a one day period. In Cleveland Ohio, (at one McDonald’s), it was a dif…
Need A Job: Mickey D’s Is Hiring
Yes, today is the day to find a job because it's National Hiring Day at McDonald's.  Mcdonald's is hiring 50,000 new employees today so head to your local McDonald's and get a job, and maybe an order of fries... hahaha