Lupe Fiasco

10 Rap Songs That Mention President Obama’s Name
Earlier this month (Aug. 4), President Obama turned 52! What better to celebrate Barack Obama than to honor him with a top 10 list of rap songs that mention his name.
Most rappers have been inspired by our 44th president. However, there are a few outspoken emcees who have expressed their condemnation…
Top 5 Response Songs to #KendricksVerse [AUDIO]
So Kendrick Lamar had the Internet goin nuts ever since he claimed to be the #KingOfNewYork on Big Sean's "Control" track Monday Night. And now hip hop has woken up and fired back! Listen to my top 5 favorite responses to #KendricksVerse
10 Rappers With Roots in Chicago
Last year, there was a surge of major record label signings within the rap scene in Chicago. The hip-hop action there directed everyone's attention towards the Windy City.
From the likes of Chief Keef and King L, both who have been sparking buzz, to veteran rappers including Common and Lupe Fias…

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