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Beyoncé Is BACK: Album Review
4. The new album from the powerhouse we know to be Beyoncé. Her latest effort pushes the limits of all the top genres and creates a way for new styles to emerge. I call this new sound Rockoncé....
American Idol…. Top 9
As I watched this week's Rock-&-Roll-Hall-Of-Fame-themed show, I captured my raw opinions of each singer's performance as they sang. Here's how I saw tonight's Top 9 on American Idol....
Rihanna Too Hot For Youtube?
Rihanna's latest video for her single "S & M" (off the latest album LOUD) was released this week on Youtube and it has a restriction on it for the younger viewers. Rihanna's NOT too happy about it.
Chris Brown’s Future Looking Up?
Definitely. We all know what's happened in the past. No need to mention that. Here we are in 2011 and Chris is really doing big things and making sure he stays on the right track.
An “Annie” Remake Featuring….
Willow Smith!!  It's true. Willow's dad (Hollywood Actor Will Smith) is talking with Sony about a possible remake of this classic children's favorite! Will must be happy with the success of his son Jayden (who starred in the remake of "The Karate Kid") beca…
Spoofs Are The Truth!!
Everyone loves a good laugh. Especially when it's making fun of a favorite celeb or icon. It's all for the fun and entertainment!

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