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Mayback Music Tag-Girl Is Revealed!!
I have always wondered who the face behind the voice for the infamous "Maybach Music" tag is and how much she must get paid for the simple phrase. I read the exclusive interview with the 26 year old Aussie beauty from Global Grind.
Titanic-Type Tragedy Strikes Again
The Titanic took it's maiden and only voyage in April of 1912. 100 years later, here we are with the news that another tragedy took place in the deep waters of the world.
Huggy Lowdown Talks Buffalo On The TJMS!! [INTERVIEW]
Huggy Lowdown had the Tralf JUMPIN' Friday and Saturday! The whole house left with a nice little workout from all the laughing, I'm sure. Huggy chimed in this morning on the TJMS to let the country know just how "cold" it was in Buffalo, NY.
New Music From Dawn Richard!! [VIDEO]
Former Danity Kane group member Dawn Richard is making her way BACK to the scene. Her music has always been deep and meaningful but I think she may really have something with her new single "Save Me From You."
Beyonce’s Got An App!!
It's true! Beyonce now has her own OFFICIAL app for Iphone/Ipod/Ipad devices. It's based on her history-making shows at Roseland in New York City.
Keri Hilson Says No Celebrities Allowed!!
Keri Hilson has never been one to hold back on her opinions and beliefs. Her last album (which was GREAT by the way) entitled "No Boys Allowed" had some diversity to it, that's for sure. She had her classic Keri ballads and a couple club bangers too. Keri recently spoke on her standards wh…

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