Justin Timberlake

Download Or Delete: Justin Timberlake — “Mirrors”
Fresh off his Grammy performance, JT premieres the latest offering off The 20/20 Experience. This track is Produced by Timbaland. Purchase the track on iTunes now. Album in stores March 19. I love how these artist are ready to roll out with their new product as soon as they have your attention on an…
Let's begin by identifying what "BLACK MUSIC" is...(or was).  This is all opinion....my opinion.  Maybe I should start with MUSIC in general...you know the stuff that Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, Issac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield, Donny Hathaway, James Brown, The Funk Br…
Cold War, Suit & Tie & More Hot Vids [NewTube]
On this last day of January, get caught up on the hottest new videos to hit the web. This NewTube Thursday features Marsha Ambrosious, Red Cafe, Justin Timberlake, Trinidad james and my favorite independent female singer Dawn Richard!
Chris Brown Reveals: “How I Made It”
R&B Superstar goes on film to tell his story of growing up on the countryside of Virginia with 2 pairs of shoes and a world full of "No"s. Check out his inspiring journey of perseverance until one day the right person said "Yes"!
Myspace Is Back, Thanks To Justin Timberlake?
Justin Timberlake who once claimed to be "bringing sexy back" is bringing something else back that he feels the world needs...Myspace! Well, Myspace hasn't actually gone anywhere but it has dropped to the bottom of the social networking totem pole when Facebook took off follow…
The Timbaland True Hollywood Story [VIDEO]
Hands down Timbaland is one of the top ten Hip Hop producers ever, Timbaland’s True Hollywood Story aired last night. In the documentary, they took us to Timbo’s musical beginning, his influence on the industry, contemplating suicide, his relationship with his Missy E…
Justin Timberlake Rocks Surprise Show In NYC
They’re still talking about Justin Timberlake’s surprise performance with Free Sol at Southern Hospitality, the Manhattan barbecue restaurant he helped launch the other night.  He performed to a packed house after Tweeting an invitation earlier in the day.

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