Jennifer Hudson

The Big Show Knocks Out Jennifer Hudson’s Husband [VIDEO]
With Smackdown hitting up the city of Buffalo this Thursday, I found this very interesting. I didn't even know David Otungo, aka Punk, aka Mr. Hudson, was even involved in wrestling. This went down last Friday on Smackdown. Apparently David, the Big Show and Marc Henry are having some…
Ask and Reply with Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson is one of the most multi-talented artist in the industry today. She can act, she can definitely sing but there are a few questions that some facebook and Twitter users recently asked her and Jennifer was kind enough to reply to them.
The “Queen of Soul” Honored at the Grammy’s
This Sunday night at the Grammy's  the spotlight will be shining bright on "The Queen"  This is something that Aretha Franklin has been waiting for her whole musical career.
Some of the most powerful female singers of today's music scene will gather together…
Yearbook Photos of Famous Musicians
he Internet is freaking out over this angelic yearbook photo of an elementary-school-age Kanye West, so we decided to round up some of our favorite yearbook photos of famous musicians. Click through to see who was awkward and who was … slightly less awkward...