Wiz Khalifa was arrested early sunday morning at an airport in Texas after marijuana was found in his bag during a TSA check.
Khalifa was flying from El Paso to Dallas for a music festival when according to law enforcements was taken into custody and handed over to local police when they discovered t…
Chris Brown Sentenced!!
On Friday Chris Brown got kicked out of rehab and taken directly to Jail. He is not getting any special treatment behind bars, or in the courtroom. Find out what the judged sentenced him to and peep what he's wearing!!
Should Kids Be Fined For Skipping School?
The age-old dilema of kids skipping school will probably never go away, even though there have been incentive programs to entice potential "skippers". In an effort to reward kids for going to school, iPads, sneakers, gift cards, etc have been given away for perfect attendance.
Zimmerman Released From Jail
A little after Midnight today, George Zimmerman was released from a Florida jail on $150,000 bail as he awaits his second-degree murder trial in the fatal shooting of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin.
Facebook & Cell Phones In Prison? [VIDEO]
As we all know, prisoners can pretty much get anything they want while behind bars, including cell phones and Facebook Friends!
Smart as they are, inmates have found a way to tap into the pay phone technology and use smuggled mobile phones to run criminal enterprises, intimidate witnesses, organize …
14 Too Young For Life?[VIDEO]
14 Year Old Evan Miller and Kuntrell Jackson are just two of the many juveniles in the U.S. who have been given Life Sentences for crimes they've admittedly participated in and have been convicted... Murder Cases.
Lyfe Jennings Home From Prison [VIDEO]
The last time we heard from Lyfe Jennings was 2010 when Lyfe got sent on a three year bid for shooting up his baby mama's house and fleeing and eluding police. It seems like his 3 years in jail went by really quick, I remember I interviewed him right before he went in...

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