New York State Is Giving You Free High Speed Internet
By 2018, every New Yorker will have access to high-speed internet making "Broadband for All" a reality. Governor Cuomo's initiative is a major step in making sure that everyone in New York State is up to speed and on the same level, noting that it is necessary for our fast pac…
Biggie Hypnotizes Baby [VIDEO]
I always seem to come across the funniest things on the internets lol...
Now I love Biggie as much as the next person, but it seems that Baby Rachel really has an appreciation for the late great Notorious BIG lol. Check out the video!
Woman To Live Stream Child Birth Online [VIDEO]
We are truly living in a new day. Am I alone when I say no one wants to see this ? Nancy Salgueiro Mom to be has the bright idea to stream her child birth over the internet. Some things should just be private, I wonder what her husband has to say about this ...
Hackers Tweet Fake Terroist Attack Story Via NBC
Just days before the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, hackers are back at it again with their devious work - this time, gaining access to the NBC Twitter and posting a false story of a terrorist attack in New York.