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This Picture Shows What Happened To NYC Rap ….
What happened to NY rap ? The only rappers who are mentionable in the current state of hip hop that are from NY are Nicki Minaj, French Montana, and A$AP. It seems like after Jay and Nas no one picked up the torch and ran with it. The three guys above have a big part to play in that...
Paris Hilton Signs Record Deal With WHO?!
Paris Hilton, the pretty blonde girl known for wild Hollywood parties and her billionaire parents who own the Hilton hotel chain, just signed with a major hip-hop label. Deets inside.
10 Legendary Rap Albums Of The 1980s
Remember the '80s? Boy, do we ever! There were gold chains and track suits, boomboxes and shelltops, freestyling at the clubs and rhyming on the streets. The memories are vast and the culture was hot.
This Week In Hip Hop With ReddRoxx!!!
All week long we've been hearing about Rick Ross and his not so smart choice of words in Rocko’s U.O.E.N.O. song. His lyrics were interpreted to promote sexual violence against women and were not taken lightly. In the wake of protests of his controversial lyrics, Rick …
Is Hip-Hop Going Feminine or High Fashion?
From Kanye's kilt to A$AP Rocky's dress and Snoop's French manicure, men in hip-hop continue to blur the gender lines. Chris Brown and Fabolous join the bandwagon with their latest feminine fashions. Check out the madness inside.

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