Would You Skip Meals to Live Longer?
This interests me because I have been doing a lot of research on juicing and alternative ways people control their diet. One of the inspirations for me to become interested in this is the Talib Kweli song "Eat to Live."
"Eat To Live" - Talib Kweli from The ICU on …
60 Year Old Man With The Body of a 25 Year Old [VIDEO]
This is motivation for me to get into the gym. This guy is 60 years old and is in better shape than most people half his age. This guy does 700 push ups plus ten sets of pull ups and dips 5 days a week. He hails from the lower east side of Manhatten, NY...
Fetal Origins: How The First Nine Months Shapes Your Life
While surfacing the internet last night, I came across a TED Talk that really interested me. It was by science writer Annie Murphy Paul.  She talked about fetal origins. Paul starting the talk with a pop quiz: When does learning begin? Answer: Before we are born.
Magic Johnson on How He Has Lived With HIV for 20 Years.
World AIDS day is December 1st, Magic Johnson made an appearance on CNN to talk about how he has lived with HIV for the past 20 years. This should hit home because people don't take HIV as seriously as they did 20 years ago. Magic Johnson talks about how he works out, he also mentions the impor…
Great American Smokeout Thursday
Smokers listen up and I’m sure you want me to shut up.  Tomorrow is the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout.  It’s a day for making a plan to quit smoking. I know quitting smoking is hard, but you can increase your chances with …
The Importance Of “Health”-Today’s Black Pearls For Parents
Every weekday morning at 10am, I bring you a daily affirmation from Black Pearls for Parents the book by author Eric V. Copage. They are inspirational thoughts, practical advice, and pearls of wisdom specifically designed for African-American parents.
This morning’s entry was “Health”. On this day, …
What’s Wrong with Being a Black Doctor?
I Recently had a conversation with one of the lil' youngins  in the neighborhood about his plans in life, and of course, besides being a football player, a rapper, or a gangster, he had no idea what he wanted to do. Until I schooled him..
McDonald’s Happy Meal To Get Healthier
There’s word that McDonald’s Happy Meal is looking to get healthier. They have announced plans to add fruit or vegetables to all Happy Meals  and reduce the portion of French fries rather than remove them from the meals.

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