Grammy Nominations

Top 3 Michael Jackson Tribute Performances [VIDEO]
It’s been three years since the passing of Michael Jackson, yet not a day goes by where he isn’t remembered.  Whether it’s through his words, his music, or even his dance moves, MJ's legend lives on through artists who credit their careers to…
Toni Braxton Reality Show..Hot Gossip or Hot Mess????
Let's talk about Ms. Toni Braxton. Now  I know you remember  that so called brother and sister kiss Ms. Toni Braxton shared with  Trey Songz at the soul train awards and then three days latter announced she was getting a divorce and of course her filing bankruptcy again in 2010.
Grammy Nominations…Hit Or Miss
At this years Grammy nominations you might be surprised at which artist were or were not nominated... see if you agree
-- The list of Grammy Award nominees announced last night included more than a few surprises, of both the pleasant and head-scratching varieties.