Does the GOP Have “Obama Racism”?
An article in the Buffalo News this morning suggests that Racism abounds among Republicans and that some GOP Members oppose Obama policies and, to the extreme, hate the President because he's Black!
Should You Need Valid State I.D. To Vote?
It's the latest and biggest debate lately.  With another Presidential Election on the way this November, many states are contemplating enforcing a ruling that you MUST HAVE A VALID STATE ISSUED I.D. PRESENT WHEN VOTING in the year's Presidential Election.  New York HAS NOT adopte…
Is Herman Cain The GOP Front Runner For President? [VIDEO]
In a recent debate held in South Carolina, about 29 audience participants were polled after the debate as to who out of all the candidates that participated in the GOP debate they thought was the clear winner? 95% of them said Herman Cain won the debate and would be their choice if the election was …