Game Is Already Working on His Next Album [VIDEO]
It took Game three years to complete his latest number one record, ‘The R.E.D. Album,’ but you’d have to argue it was time well spent — it’s his third chart-topping collection, and with less than a month on the shelves, it’s already sold more than 150,000 units.
The West Coast’s reigning rapper doesn…
Game Claims Several Rappers Are Gay
Game isn’t one to shy away from controversy. After all, the rapper makes headlines for his beefs, pranks and all-around bad behavior just as often as he does for his music.
Now, he’s making news by claiming some of the biggest names in the rap industry are gay.
Game’s Canadian Tour Canceled Due To Alleged Gang Ties
According to sources, the reason that rapper The Game was held in Canada was his alleged gang ties. The Game was detained in Canada for several hours yesterday before he got deported back to the U.S. for the rapper's alleged gang affiliation...
Game Ordered To Settle $91K Lemmerman’s Bill
Los Angeles - A judge ruled Game must settle his $91,000 bill with jewelry company Lemmerman's Incorporated. Last week, a judge handed an order demanding rapper Game settle his $90,999 bill with Southern California jewelry company Lemmerman’s Incorporated.
Game Faces Lawsuit Threats From RZA
Word on the street is, rapper Game just got a cease and desist, with threats of a lawsuit, from The RZA of The Wu Tang Clan over a song. Sources say the conflict came after Rza produced a song, "Heartbreaker" for Game's R.E.D. Album, but when they un-able to clear the track, i…
Game Has To Pay Cousin $50K
Game is going to have to fork over $50k to his cousin, Robert Kirkwood, because of a fight they had back in 2008. Sources say, Game was ordered to pay Kirkwood $50,580 for medical expenses and other damages incurred during the scuffle...
The Game Gets Robbed On Christmas Eve
It just didn't seem like Christmas Eve last Friday for the Game, it's been reported that he was doing some last minute shopping at a Canoga Park, California the mall. Game got back to his friend's car to find $75,000 and some jewelry missing.