Charles Barkley on Lebron’s HAIRLINE [VIDEO]
I caught this on ESPN yesterday, Charles Barkley clowning Lebron James. This had me laughing so hard I had to post it. Lebron James has been going bald for quite sometime. Charles Barkley clowning around imitating him saying "Its time for him to come home" and join the elite men…
Twerking Gone Wrong [The Big Dummy Files]
Someone asked me the other day "What is Twerking ?" My best response was girls who like to dance provocatively for the camera. Then the person asked "Why would anyone want to do that for FREE?" My response was for ATTENTION. We live in a society where there is a c…
Happy Holidays from #TeamWBLK
On behalf of all of us here at WBLK; we'd like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa or whatever else it is do or don't celebrate!
Drake’s Bad Breath Moment [VIDEO]
This video had me cracking up laughing. Drake was at the 2011 NBA All Star game, kicking his best game to a female. When he realizes his breath is a little off. So he stops mid sentence and hits his self up with the breath spray. (I didn't even know they still made them) If you pay attention…
Biggie Hypnotizes Baby [VIDEO]
I always seem to come across the funniest things on the internets lol...
Now I love Biggie as much as the next person, but it seems that Baby Rachel really has an appreciation for the late great Notorious BIG lol. Check out the video!
DJ Ed-Nice’s Top 5 Favorite #Buns
Anyone who knows me (and follows me on Twitter) knows that I LOVE BUNS! I mean seriously, who doesn't love a nice set of soft juicy buns?!
So, I felt it was my duty to bring you all DJ Ed-Nice's Top 5 Favorite Buns!!!
Song Collection Of Mike Tyson’s Greatest Qoutes [Video]
The greatest that ever did it, Mike Tyson !!! Some guy on YouTube decided to put together a song with some of the greatest quotes from Mike Tyson. Check out the song and try not to laugh I DARE YOU !!!! I dont even remember Iron Mike saying half of these things...
Drunk Man refused service at Taco Bell so he calls 911 !
Terry Kimbell poor guy ... He had a "few drinks" and had the "munchies", so he walked a quarter mile to the drive-thru window at one of the fast food locations in Largo, Fla. The workers had the audicity not to serve him because he wasnt in a "car&quo…

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