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Aaliyah Mash Ups #BabyGirlBirthday [VIDEO]
Often imitated, never duplicated Aaliyah would have been 34 today!
Some say she was on track to be the next Janet Jackson. Others say other artists such as Ciara wouldn't have a chance to succeed if Aaliyah's life wasn't stole so soon. Check out some Aaliyah mash-ups with featuring som…
10 Celebrity Quotes That Were Definitely Made Up
After a fake quote from Morgan Freeman went viral last weekend, it's become more apparent how we just accept quotes come from certain people without questioning. A day won't pass on your Twitter timeline or Tumblr feed without a fake quote from one of your favorite artists -- some so outrageously un…
Frank Ocean’s Father Plans to Sue Him
Singer Frank Ocean is beginning to understand what Notorious B.I.G. meant by 'Mo Money, Mo Problems.' In a Twitter post that has since been deleted, the Grammy-nominated crooner revealed that his estranged father wants to sue him for $1 million.
Does Frank Ocean Have a New Beau?
Is Frank Ocean boo'd up with a handsome model? The gossip blogs are in a frenzy with reports that the singer's new lover/boyfriend/BFF is model Willy Cartier. The rumors started when Ocean recently shared photos on Instagram of two hanging out in Los Angeles together.

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