The Great Instagram Purge!
If you woke up this week with a few less followers than you went to sleep with the night before it's because Instagram began cracking down on the influx of fake accounts flooding the photo-sharing social media platform.
Boycott Black Thursday Shopping! [VIDEO]
Black Friday is the day AFTER Thanksgiving and traditionally kicks off the Holiday Shopping Season. But as some stores began opening up earlier and earlier on Friday morning, most stores are now open on Thursday!
Malls in 2014 are not only encouraging stores to be open on Thanksgiving, but some are f…
Fire Challenge: Do Not Try This At Home!
Generation Z will do anything for attention!! The most disturbing "challenge" I've seen on Facebook is not only stupid but incredibly dangerous. Check out the #FireChallenge video inside.
Facebook Changes The Gender Lines!
So you THOUGHT you were a man...or...you thought you were a woman....Well, according to Facebook's "New Gender Guidelines", you can be any one of 50 different genders...of your CHOICE!!!
Tyrese Makes Facebook Uncomfortable [Video]
Tyrese is a talented and successful Singer & Movie Star and he ain't got time for your BS! After you watch his video message you might feel some type of way. So go ahead, watch it. I dare you!!

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