The Fabolous Evolution of Rocawear Fashion! [VIDEO]
Remember in 1999/2000 everyone who was anyone was wearing the baby blue Rocawear velour jogging suits and jerseys? In 2014 fashion has evolved tremendously and so has Rocawear clothing! Their new line is surprisingly Fabolous!! Peep the release video here...
Crooked Smile NewTube Thursday [Video]
NewTube Thursday is something we "Live For" here in Buffalo, "NY", but I only post it "When I Feel Like It". Don't look at me with that "Crooked Smile", I'm just trying to "Know You Better". So let me…
Is Hip-Hop Going Feminine or High Fashion?
From Kanye's kilt to A$AP Rocky's dress and Snoop's French manicure, men in hip-hop continue to blur the gender lines. Chris Brown and Fabolous join the bandwagon with their latest feminine fashions. Check out the madness inside.

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