The Top 5 Most Over-Covered Stories of Buffalo of 2015 [LIST]
After hearing these stories over and over again for months, our ears started to bleed. The topics that made the top of the list need to be put to rest and in some cases, they're not even over.
For instance, let's take the Lancaster Redskin mascot debate that basically divided the town in ha…
Top 5 Prom Fashion Trends
The boy you like finally asked you to the Prom, now WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR??? Check out the hottest new fashions for Prom.
Why Do Women Like To Dress Raunchy On Halloween? [SCENARIO]
Through my lifetime, I have seen a lot of trends and fashions come and go. This one baffles me to this day. Women always fight for respect and often complain about men don't respect us, we are more than just sexual object. So why in the world is it acceptable for the last weekend in Octobe…