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DJ Supreme's checking out new beats to let WBLK listeners know if the tracks are download-worthy or not. You can give your opinion too!

Download Or Delete : Lil Wayne – Dedication 5
Lil Wayne and Dj Drama just dropped their Dedication 5 mixtape. I'm no Lil Wayne fan but it seems like he is getting worse as time goes on. Maybe he should spend more time skateboarding instead of making music, or maybe he is spending to much time skate boarding and not enough time on making …
Download Or Delete — Trina Ft. Meek Mill ‘*** Fat’
Trina is arguably one of the worst rappers in the history of hip-hop. But somehow, she has a huge following with women. Men just like the way she looks, and as she has through her whole career, she relies on her looks with her new single...and she falls back on her money maker with Meek Mill.

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