Check Out The Go Getta Mix Featured DJ! [The Go Getta Mix With ADRI.V]
Every month I featured a new DJ on The Go Getta Mix, and the month of August, the Featured DJ is DJ Queen Of Spades!
Check her out!
DJ Queen of Spades has always had a love affair with music.  While growing up in Toronto, Canada she explored her inner creativity through dance and dramatic arts wh…
Meet DJ Blazita The Go Getta Mix May Featured DJ
Every month I featured a new DJ On The Go Getta Mix and the month of May Featured DJ is  DJ is DJ Blazita!
Check her out!
They call DJ Blazita “The Hottest Chic in the Game!” and not because she often DJs in high heels and a skirt...
The Go Getta Mix Featured DJ For The Month of March DJ Wire
Hey Go Getta's every month I feature a new DJ on The Go Getta Mix every Friday  on 93.7 WBLK.  This month featured DJ is the youngest DJ I have had on my show yet.  Only 16 years old DJ Wire is the new youngen on the block looking to take charge...
Legends of Hip Hop Grand Wizard Theodore [VIDEO]
The other day I was having a conversation with a young dude who was interested in DJing. When I said to him the thing that makes a great DJ is knowing as much information about DJing as possible before you start. You should know about the history from the beginning with Kool Herc and Grand Wizard Th…

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