Foul Play in Rodney King’s Death?
Rodney King, the face of the early L.A. Riots, was pronounced dead Sunday morning after an alleged drowning in his California pool. He was 47. Police are reporting no foul play in King's death, but then again, this is the same state who found the four police offers who almost beat him to death in 19…
Deadly Marijuana Ban! [VIDEO]
Urgent News from Your Life USATODAY... You may have seen...and even purchased "Spice", "K2", or "Mr Nice Guy" at a local Corner or Convenience Store, Smoke Shop, or Tobacco Store.... well, STOP!!!! Here's why:
Trayvon Martin Prediction.
This is just speculation...and probably an unfortunate one such that "JUSTICE" will not be served...  I was contemplating how the whole Trayvon Martin situation will eventually pan out.
Trayvon Martin Shooting 911 Call [VIDEO]
George Zimmerman, the culprit in the shooting death of 17 year ld Trayvon Martin has still not been arrested. His story of self defense was good enough for Sanford Police in that they let him just go home. As unbelievable as that may sound, what's even more unbelievable are the facts that are slow…
Tornado Tragedy [VIDEO]
A deadly Tornado that spanned 1000 miles from the Midwest to The Gulf Of Mexico has claimed the lives of 39 at last count, while the death toll rises.
Tornadoes hit hardest in Indiana and Kentucky, with Alabama, Georgia, Ohio and Tennessee experiences destruction and loss as well...
Heavy D Dead At 44
Rap legend Heavy D has died at a Los Angeles Hospital. Born Dwight Arrington Myers, Heavy D is known for Hip Hop Classics such as We Got Our Own Thang, Overweight Lover, and so many more. According to TMZ Police were called around 11:00 this morning to a home where they found an unconscious Heavy D,…

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