Exclusive: Turk Released From the Feds
Original "Hot Boy", Tab "Turk" Virgil was released from Federal Prison after seving a 8yr bid stemming from the shooting of an Memphis, Tenn Swat officer.
Da FlySpot: Hoodies in The Hood
Spring is fast approaching, and its almost time to put up the snorkels, bubble coats, and other heavy winter jackets that we really didn't have to put to use during this mild winter. With the cool down right around the corner, I found some new hoodies that should keep you in hella fly mode until sum…
Da Fly Spot: All Black Everything
Black is the most powerful color in the world, well at least that's my opinion of the matter.  For the ladies , a pair of black skinny leg jeans with the perfect shoe to compliment shows boldness, attitude, and sexiness.  I also know I get extra attention from the ladies whe…