Chris Reynolds

Vogue Magazine African Style
Now here is something for all the ladies who love ethnic fashion; Vogue magazine is coming out with another edition of its African Fashion magazine in the coming months.
Maya Angelou Why Black History Month Still Matters
I remember this time last year we had a conversation that took place on the Know Thyself Community Wednesday (that will return to the air soon by the way) as to the relevancy of Black History Month and the responses were quite interesting to say the least. Anyone who feels that African history in no…
Whitney Houston – The Fragile Soul [VIDEO]
With the recent passing of Whitney Houston there have been and will be a number of people asking the question of how could someone allow themself to get to such an extreme point of addiction and totally flip ones career upside down?
When you look at what happen to Michael Jackson and now Whitney Hou…
The Brilliance Of Soul Train In 2 Minutes [VIDEO]
With the passing of Don Cornelius there are and will be a number of tributes, specials and no telling what coming to the surface over the next few weeks or so. I had the opportunity to watch the television show as a child and can remember the “soul train gang” wearing the most outrageous clothes (a…

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