Chris Reynolds

I’m Ready By Kano – Today’s 1 Hit Wonder @ 1 [VIDEO]
It seems that every time I sit down to write about the 1 hit Wonder @ 1 I am taking a trip back in time to my days in High School! Well, today is no exception; here is another song that we use to party to back in the early eighties. I mean every time I hear it—it seems like I am right back in …
Live In The Den With Big Tigger
Live In The Den With Big Tigger is on your radio every Saturday morning from 7-10 am. Check in and get the nations Biggest Top 20 Jams of the week, exclusive interviews, cousin Jeff, contest and more!
Do You Pratice Tolerance?
If you missed this morning’s Black Pearls for Parents, check it out right here and hopefully it is something that you can think about as we embark on another great weekend.
We Are Looking For You!
There have been a several of occasions in recent memory that we have seen a number of news stories on missing persons on television and other main stream media sources.

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