How To Know If Your Cereal Was Made In Buffalo
Buffalo is the city that smells like Cheerios! The smells of whatever cereal is being made at General Mills that days wafts through the city and it always smells delicious. You know the cereal is made here, but does it stay local? Maybe what gets produced in Buffalo ships out to other markets, maybe…
Buffalo Will Smell Like Pumpkin Spice Soon
It's happening.
It's only August 8th, but the pumpkin spice trend is already creeping in; and the question is – will our city now smell like pumpkin spice instead of regular old Cheerios?
General Mills announced the new flavor is coming soon – soon enough to be on sale everywhere…
The World’s 5Th Smelliest City Is Buffalo
If you've ever traveled downtown when they are baking the Cheerios, you can't miss the smell that permeates from General Mills. It's a sure sign/smell of home to those of us that grew up and work in Buffalo. Now it has helped Buffalo gained international attention.