Man Spends 5 months in Jail Not Knowing His Bail Was $1
A Queens man is filing a lawsuit against the city of New York after correction officers failed to tell him he had a $1 bail, which in the end caused him to spend 5 months on Riker's Island.
According to the NY Daily News Aitabdel Salem was arrested for assaulting a police officer while being arr…
Motivational Monday With Bangali D.
Another Edition Of Motivational Monday, Something to get you going through another full week check it out below
For so long I was that kid who pushed his assignments to the last minute because I felt as though I worked better under pressure
Ruff Ryders Reunion Tour! -DjWire
Check it out This Fall The Ruff Ryders are Going on tour to celebrate Their 20th anniversary! I am a huge ruff ryders fan i know when I hear The Ruff Ryders Anthem I Am Going to go crazy!
The Lineup is none other Dmx , Eve, Swizz Beats , And DragOn...

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