Buffalo Weather

Buffalo Warmth Coming Back
I couldn't believe when I read the weather the other day .. SNOW!!!
Well all that's over now and I'd be willing to bet we're in the clear for much warmer weather.
The Buffalo Snow Storm Is Ending But What’s Next?????
Our winter has been sporadic and overall pretty mild despite this last bout we had with 'Old Man Winter'!!!  Now with Spring just days away, Buffalonians are wondering; WHAT'S NEXT!!!
Well 'what's next' is not such a  pretty picture!  The snow may stop but…
Buffalo Cold & Snow Is Coming Back!
We've had a pretty amazing "winter" this year in Buffalo!  As a matter February is being touted as the warmest February in the history of Buffalo!  Now that sounds warming but the average high was only 35..lol.  That should clue you in as to how cold it is in Bu…
Buffalo Baby Boom the Result of Snowvember?
Mercy Hospital is apparently witnessing a baby boom just nine months after the large snowstorm that buried Western New York last November. The hospital is apparently seeing a 25 to 30 percent increase in births, according to WKBW, putting the number of babies born per moth to around 300.
National Temperature Check & Closings
Words like historic, brutal, and potentially deadly are being used to describe today's arctic freeze. Temperatures haven't dipped this low in parts of the country for decades. 
Here are two links you can use to keep track of Local & National Weather Temperatures and LOCAL CLOSI…

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