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Dumb criminals doing dumb things. Need we say more?

Gun Toting Grandma [THE BIG DUMMY FILES]
Pistol Toting Grandma…. Threatens to shoot a man that was running from the police ! Karen Granville said she heard the Sheriff’s helicopter and sirens while laying in bed at about three in the morning Tuesday.
Granville, 64, said she grabbed her pistol and ran outside, and came…
Real Heavy Housewives Of Memphis [THE BIG DUMMY FILES]
If there isn't enough ratchetness and buffoonery on reality TV. Lets meet the Real Heavy Housewives of Memphis . No I'm not joking the show is about wives of at Memphis that are overweight and proud of it. The all African American cast of women boast about how they are Divas, and have no…
Man Infects 1000 Women With HIV [The Big Dummy Files}
David Smith infected at least 1,000 women with HIV his reasoning for doing this is BECAUSE HE LOVED THEM. Last week he walked into a police station and admitted to having unprotected sex with over 1000 women. He admitted his plan was to have sex with the women give them HIV and kill them...
Party With Rick Ross For 100K [The Big Dummy Files]
It all happens at Miami's Cameo Club on New Years Eve for 100,000 dollars here's what you get.
* A seat at the table next to Rick Ross
* 50 bottles of Moet Rose
* Five bottles of Belvedere
* Five bottles of Patron Platinum
* A night with a guest at the recording studio with Rick Ross ...

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