DMX Preaches the Gospel to Streets of L.A.
When it comes to bustin' out Bible verses, DMX has proven he's ready to recite any scripture from the Good Book's 66 chapters of wisdom when called on, and this weekend he was trying to change the life of a loyal fan in L.A.
Do you think this is taking it TOO FAR!?  A Reality Show featuring Pastor's Wives!!!!?  Am I missing something here...can they be serious?  What's the motivation for them doing this show....MINISTRY? ....MONEY?..... GOD?  What's your opinion...
Is Unusual Weather Indicating The ‘End Of Time’? [VIDEO]
The recent deadly Tornadoes that devastated properties and killed 39 (to date) may have been foretold, as well as a "sign", that the end is upon us.  Prophecy... fueled by The Holy Bible, Nostradamus, Psychics, and even Ancient Egyptians, predicts that 2012 is the year when li…