Barack Obama

The Man That Could Hurt The Election [POLL]
I had a conversation this past Labor Day weekend with a close friend of mine that I grew up with as a kid. It had been a long time since he and I had spoken, so there was a lot of catching up to do as one might imagine.
Obama Birthday Dance
Join the Nationwide  celebration of  President Obama's 51st Birthday! Get in on this fun song & dance inside.
$1000 in Obama Money for Each of Your Bills is a SCAM!
Be very careful. The widespread Obama Bill Pay Campaign IS A HOAX.
Many people have been duped by this scam, including (ALMOST) yours truly! A friend of mine was tellling me about this just last night. Initially, I LMAO'd, but he wasn't laughing and told me it was real and that his cousin h…
Healthy Dinner Recipe — Fish Tacos
Since today's Know Thyself Community Conversation is health care reform, I thought, why not focus this blog on eating healthier. I love me some chicken wings as much as anyone else here in Buffalo, but if we want to avoid those crazy hospital bills, we should take some preventive measures for h…
Do You Feel Obligated To Vote Democrat And For Barack Obama?
Now that Barack Obama has officially kicked off his second term for the Whitehouse by delivering a speech on Saturday in Columbus, Ohio, I felt the need to voice my opinion on why so many in our community feel obligated to vote democratic and for Barack!
Like I have said in previous conversations on…

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