Power Of Your Thoughts [Motivational Minute]
On the eve of the December 21 2012, let us go into tomorrow with a light and open heart. Do not buy into the FEAR propaganda. For Fear is simply, False evidence appearing real!
Put you attention on the good things in your life and help us usher in a Peace on Earth! Inside you'll find a guid…
Weird Weather Sign Of Earth’s End? [Video]
When I woke up at 8AM this morning (Dec. 4 2012) it was 60 degrees in Western New York!!
But this unusually warm weather is really nothing compared to the crazy hurricanes, snow storms and other natural phenomena that's been happening this year. Check out November's Extreme Weather vid…
Children Know the Truth — Do You?
Today's Know ThySelf conversation topic is: "Why do people put so much trust in elected officials?"
Some of us adults blindly put our livelihoods in the hands of our political representatives. We don't even bother researching or questioning their agendas or policies.
Meet one 12-year-old boy…
Ascension 2012
"Become an independent thinker and find the truth within."
In 2008 my partner and I were inspired to create the branded company JR Galactic. Now I know understand the namesake.
Life is so much more than here on Earth