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Time Warner Cable and iPad: Perfect Combination
Time Warner Cable has a new app that works with the iPad, so you can watch some of your favorite
tv/cable shows.
Time Warner Cable Inc. is launching an iPad application that plays live TV, becoming the first cable company to do so.
The Geeky Side of Hip Hop
It shouldn't surprise you that most performers in the world of  Hip-Hop are gadget-heads. Example Dr. Dre and  now Luda is showing his Tech-Geek side.
This may be the new hip-hop career track: write a few hit tracks and then develop a line of headphones to help people bump to them…
DJ Scratch Shows Off DJ Skillz On Apple iPad
If you don’t know about DJ Scratch, well then, you need to find a Hip-Hop principal for a late pass. The world renown DJ and producer has used his talents to bolster the careers of Jay-Z, EPMD, Busta Rhymes, Jam Master Jay and many more.