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Lady K’s American Idol Is??
This 11th season of American Idol has been so GREAT! Each one of the (now 7) finalists has their own sound and style. I Even though I love each of the finalists left, my pick has been the same since I recognized her on the San Diego auditions episode.
New Artist Marcus Canty
    Televised Talent Competitions like American Idol and the X Factor  attract the best of the best, but for whatever reason, those singers don't always win first place on the show.
        Look at Jennifer Hudson, she was a finalist on American Idol and ended up with a Oscar and a Grammy and …
Will Jennifer Lopez Return To American Idol ?
Do you want to see Jennifer return to “American Idol” for Season 11? Well, that the question that J-Lo has yet to answer.  Judge Randy Jackson, who has been with American Idol from the start said that season 10 could be his final season.  Jennifer, has a lot of irons in the fire, she is promoting he…
American Idol…. Top 9
As I watched this week's Rock-&-Roll-Hall-Of-Fame-themed show, I captured my raw opinions of each singer's performance as they sang. Here's how I saw tonight's Top 9 on American Idol....
It’s Pink & Blue for Nick and Mariah
It's shower time for the soon to be parents Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey.  But guest that attended the shower had to double down with there gifts . 
The Conservatory Grill at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills was transformed into a blue-and-pink wonderland Sunday