Ali Mohamed Mohamud

Wife Defends Her Son’s Killer
You remember the 10 year old boy who was found beaten to death in his basement back in April. Well his step-father,Ali-Mohamed Mohamud is on trial for the brutal murder and his wife is defending him! Peep the details inside.
Police need to react to Domestic Violence HARSHLY!
I'm just really pissed off this morning and I don't understand something.  I'm reading The Buffalo News this morning and getting more insight regarding little 10 year old Abdifatah's death at the hands of his dumb, stupid ass Stepfather.  But beyond the crazy …
Stepfather Beats 10 Year Old To His Death
I am completely devastated by this story.  According to the Buffalo News, Ten-year-old Abdifatah Mohamud was beaten to death by his Stepfather because he fell behind in his homework.
Listen... I don't normally use profanity but if I were to write what I'm really feeling and thinking ri…