Justine Sacco of IAC Fired for Irresponsible Tweet
First Duck Dynasty's Phil IAC's Justine Sacco!!!!  Is there any room for personal opinion or even joking anymore?  Seems not.  It's so Ironic that a Country that promoted hate and racism upon it's foundation has now done a complete 180 Degree turnar…
Elephants Stroll Through Lobby [VIDEO]
Did you hear the one about the elephant who walked into a lodge?
It's not a joke: Apparently, strolling through the lobby at Zambia's Mfuwe Lodge is a frequent occurrence. The female and young elephants use the "shortcut" through the lobby after they snack on a nearby ma…
Is Being Black, Male + Gay Taboo?
Before I begin, let me state very CLEARLY that what you're about to read need not be misconstrued or misinterpreted such that ANYONE extract from it an attitude associated with me expressing any personal NON-ACCEPTANCE of ANYONE choosing to practice a same-sex lifestyle.
Here's a BLACK HISTORY MONTH LESSON & QUIZ for you!!!!!!!!!.....
Question:  Who Is The Most Famous BLACK PERSON in China?
Answer: 20 Year-Old Lou Jing!!!!
Question: Why?
Answer: Because She's Black...and HATED!!!!!
Why Is She HATED?
Nas Says Most Hip Hop Artist Are Scared To Visit Africa [VIDEO]
Nas who has visited Africa three times, one time for his birthday and twice for corporate performances has said that "the reason why most of his colleagues never go to Africa is because they are afraid of the dark continent". This is coming from a press conference that was done in …
What Does it Mean to Buy Life?
There is a profound difference between living and life. Living may extend time for another day. But life is far more than sleeping and waking. Life is more than merely existing.