ADRI.V Victories

ADRI.V Victories
Every Friday I hope to motivate you to go out and achieve your dreams and be all you can be, so my goal is to give you something each week to keep you pushing!
Check out this video from the great Les Brown!
Focus On The Positive! -ADRI.V Victories
In life we face so many disappointing situations but when will we decide just to focus on the positive? I want to share a status I noticed from a motivational speaker I follow on Facebook. Today this changed my life, I hope its life changing for you...
Midnight Motivation With ADRI.V The Go Getta
Have you ever felt like quitting and giving up? Well so have I, but what I realized is that if I just keep going, but go a little harder and put in all the work now that later on my days will be greater. So I say unto you dont stop, keeping going so that later on you can live your life as a champion…
Have You Ever Wanted To Give Up? [ADRI.V Victories]
Have you ever felt like giving up?
Well I say to you don’t Give Up NOW! You never know exactly how close you are. If you give up too soon you may never be able to receive your blessing on the other side.
Nothing in life is just given to you, anything worth having will take …