ADRI.V The Go Getta

Dope Celebrity Halloween Costumes! [The Go Getta Mix With ADRI V]
This year was the first year that I dressed up for Halloween since I was a kid, I really forgot how fun it is to play dress up. This year many of us at WBLK joined in on the fun and dressed up. Not as planned DJ Big Rob and I turned TownSquare Media into TownsSquare Medical dressing up as a Doctor a…
Nominate A Go Getta Today! [Go Getta Of The Week With ADRI V]
Calling All Go Getta’s!!!!
Are you a Go Getta or know a Go Getta? One who gives back to their community,  a catalyst of change?  Consistently seeking to better themselves and those around them? Is this person determined to go after their dreams to achieve them and motivates …

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