YG & AD — Shots Fired On Music Video Set
Have you ever been shot at while you where at work? For most people that is a easy no. Well, this is at least the second time I can think of YG getting shot or shot at while he is just trying to work.
YG and AD were in the middle of filming a rap video in Compton when bullets sent more than 20…
Samuel Jackson In Your Bedroom [Video]
It's Election Season!
Check out what happened when the Jewish Council for Education & Research sends Mr Samuel Jackson into the homes of complacent Democrats. WTFU Video Inside
Target Ad Leaked
Black Friday is right around the corner, and big retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Macy's are in big competition mode. Unfortunately for Target, someone leaked the exclusive ad to Brad Olson, founder of, a site that markets itself as an"official" Black Frida…