Best R&B Fan Art
From gifts to showing up at every concert, fans show devotion to their favorite artists in various ways. And some actually find so much inspiration in their favorite R&B singer that they take their creativity to paper or computer screen and come out with a work of art.
Aaliyah Mash Ups #BabyGirlBirthday [VIDEO]
Often imitated, never duplicated Aaliyah would have been 34 today!
Some say she was on track to be the next Janet Jackson. Others say other artists such as Ciara wouldn't have a chance to succeed if Aaliyah's life wasn't stole so soon. Check out some Aaliyah mash-ups with featuring som…
Ginuwine’s daughter took to Twitter and Instagram to blast him about being a deadbeat father. I’m not sure what took place behind the scenes that sparked this feud or if it’s something that’s ongoing but she seems to have a lot of pent …
Keyshia Vs. Aaliyah “Battle Of The Headliners” [VIDEO]
This morning on the “Battle of the Headliners” between the late Aaliyah and Keyshia Cole it was not even close. In fact, at first I was thinking that the votes that we were receiving were sympathy votes for Aaliyah but it turns out that the votes were really genuine and these were die-hard fans of …
Drake Has a Tattoo of Aaliyah on His Back
With all of this talk of outrageous tattoos involving Drake and a fan, you would think he would stay away from the ink and needle. Not quite. Apparently, the ‘Headlines’ rapper got a tattoo of the late R&B songbird Aaliyah on his back.

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