I posted a Blog today that clearly objectifies MEN (//wblk.com/freaky-friday-for-ladies/ ...umm, ladies, please come back if you DARE click that link..the rest of this is important)... and interestingly and ironically, objectifying men seems to be somewhat TABOO!  Men can objectify women all day, everyday...in the media, in person, secretly & privately, with any number of pornographic magazines and videos that exist for the pleasure of MEN...and I'm not saying the same doesn't exist at all for ladies...but it's far and few between compared to the perversion men exhibit with respect to the objectification of women!

So, with that said, there's a very respectable NEW WEBSITE where women...ALL WOMEN...ANY WOMAN...can promote qualities about herself beyond the qualities that men normally attend to.  Granted; men have been created such that "WE" are stimulated by what we SEE...but that doesn't mean we have to stop there..which is what "WE" do 99% of the time.

Women have so much more to offer than "T&A"... and I thought it important to expose a website that promotes this concept for Women.  I doubt this website will break records in terms of men visiting to see images of women...which it should...but it's at least a place where ANY WOMAN can go and highlight qualities as to WHO SHE IS...beyond just the physical realm.

I must admit that I myself am guilty of socialized objectification of women...it's indirectly engrained in "US" (men) from the time we're boys...while it's directly engrained in females with respect to how societal "rules" (primarily fueled by men) deem how women are SUPPOsED to look...which in the end equals = SEXY!

The female socialization process is such that women are taught to dress up what's on the outside and stress that as having more importance than what's on the inside.  Women fall for it, hook, line, and sinker...no fault of their own...it just comes with the territory of a NATION RULED BY (I really want to specify a Racial Status here...but that's another story within itself) MEN!  The equivalent of women being brainwashed into satisfying the pleasures of men is analogous to the mental conditioning of Black Slaves made to believe their sole worth in life is picking cotton...and that's not a dig at women or their mental capacity and strength...because believe me Black People are not hardly mentally weak minded at all (either)...SOCIAL CONDITIONING IS AN ART AND A PROFESSION....women and minorities have been victims of this PLAN ever since The Bible was PURPOSELY MISINTERPRETED by a certain Race of Men who used the book as a means of control...even to the extent that "They" had us all believing Jesus had blonde hair and blue eyes, when that same book says just the opposite!!!!!

Anyway...without getting too much deeper into this... LADIES...take advantage of and enjoy this NEW WEBSITE designed specifically for YOU!!!!!  I'm happy to be able to share it with you... I think it's GREAT!!!!  (Watch the video below):

GO DIRECTLY TO WEBSITE HEREhttp://www.stopobjectification.com/