A recent Nielsen study was just released that revealed African-Americans watch more television than any other group. In fact the findings were higher than the national average. So what does this say about the influence of television on our community? Remember we learn through transmitted images and depending on the types of shows we are watching will have an influence on our subconscious and sometimes conscious mind. We all should ask ourselves, how much of television programming influences our lives, our children’s lives, and our community as whole. Are we watching positive or negative images of ourselves on television? Are we spending more time watching shows that transmit buffoonery at its highest level?

It is very important to spend time in silence sometimes to quiet your internal dialogue and escape the pressures of external stimuli so that you can get to know your inner self. By doing this you will begin to accept positive images into your subconscious and psyche so that you can make better conscious decisions in life. Do not allow any form of media to control the way you think; you must think for yourself and make conscious decisions as you go through your daily life.

To read the article just click the link and get in sync: http://newsone.com/nation/newsonestaff2/nielsen-blacks-watch-more-tv-than-any-other-group/