This week 93.7 WBLK had a very special visitation from a group of students from Sweethome High School (in Amherst NY).  These students are part of Sweethomes S.O.U.L (Students Outreach Under Leadership) group.  The group consist of students from all grades and from all backgrounds.

I must say I was impressed with these kids, they were very mature and curious about what we are doing  in the radio studios.  I asked Ms.  Mansell, their instructor and mentor, what was the purpose of the group?  Basically they work with the students directly to enhance their academic, social, emotional skills, habits and behaviors. 

I had the privilage of attending one of their in school sessions last month and I came away with a good feeling knowing that at least in some of local schools we have kids that will make us proud of our future.

Keep up the good work, the staff here at WBLK salute you!!