Soulja Boy, his mind-numbing, dimwitted singles "PrBoy Swagg" and “Speakers Going Hammer” stiffed in the charts last year, while his third LP The DeAndre Way crashed, burned and burst into a cloud of massive fail dust when it debuted at #90 on December’s Billboard Top 200. So now he’s trying to claim having written Willow Smith’s hit "Whip My Hair". Can you believe this guy? The rapper is credited with penning his own 2009 Top 20 single “Turn My Swag On, however, the writing credits of "Whip My Hair" doesn’t include his name. Until his claim is proven to be true, we suggest tossing this Soulja into the barracks for some hard discipline, where he’ll be given the specific order to carry out writing hits for himself instead of jacking the credit for those he had no part in.

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