According to the Huffington Post, Police say they followed a trail of discarded food wrappers to track down four people accused of stealing from a Little League snack bar. Then, they began to follow the empty wrappers for about two blocks. It led them to a home where they could see more snacks in an empty car, parked outside. The police ended up arresting two women and a girl. They also found more Little League property inside the house that included a cash register.

This one reminds me of some kind of cartoon where the stupid criminals are too busy eating to make a getaway. Unfortunately this is a real life Hansel and Gretal story. How old were these big dummies ? They were stealing from a little league fundraiser and if that wasn't bad enough they were so stupid to leave a trail full of snacks for the police to track them right to their home. This is definitely one of THE BIG DUMMIES of the year.