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DRAKE Longtime Friend’s Murder CAPTURED ON VIDEO
According To TMZ
The murder of one of Drake's longtime friends was caught on video, and cops just released it.
Anthony Soares was gunned down last week in Toronto by 2 men.
The video shows Soares standing in his apartment lobby when the 2 hooded men run up from a car in a nearby parking lot and be…
It looks like Bill Cosby won’t have to return to court for another sexual assault trail until next year.
Cosby’s retrial was originally scheduled for November, but now he has been given a new date.
According to Billboard, on Friday a judge ordered for Cosby&CloseCurlyQu…
Tammy Rivera Is Accusing Another L&HH Star Of Pushing Up On Waka
Tammy Rivera, a member of the Atlanta cast, recently put a member of the Hollywood spin-off on blast for allegedly throwing herself at her husband, Waka Flocka Flame, and she didn't hold back.
It all started when Hazel and her boyfriend Rose Burgandy threw some shade at Tammy by leavin…
Man Gets Beat Up For saying he has a Gun At Local Gas Station
Bro was Drunk at the Ferry Express Gas Station and threaten he had a gun to the store workers, well he got a rude awaking by store workers as they assaulted him but they Crazy thing is his mans is the one recording!  Facebook Had a field day in the comments...